Why opt for medical imaging before cosmetic surgery?

In the field of cosmetic surgery, it is difficult for the patient to accurately visualize the result of the surgeon’s intervention.

The patient describes his or her request to the surgeon who evaluates its feasibility and explains the associated medical procedure. These exchanges build the necessary confidence to proceed with the procedure.

3D body Image improves the quality and efficiency of communication between practitioner and patient. By creating a three-dimensional representation of the patient’s request, it helps to reassure the patient and provides realistic visual support for the practitioner’s explanations.

The principle of 3D medical imaging

A 3D medical imaging system makes it possible to reconstruct an extremely precise three-dimensional view of a body area using several photos. The patient then visualizes a 3D representation of the part of his body that will undergo the operation, from any angle of view.

The practitioner’s simulation software is then able to integrate each patient’s request and immediately generate a new 3D image taking into account the desired modifications.

The advantages of 3D medical imaging

– materializes the patient’s requests;
– allows the practitioner to present the surgical procedure clearly and precisely;
– reconstructs in 3 dimensions any part of the body, especially the face or chest;
– reassures the patient thanks to the visual representation of the expected result of the cosmetic operation;
– improves and facilitates patient surgeon communication with 3D views before and after surgery;
– facilitates the patient’s decision making;
– improves the quality of patient follow-up after the operation.

In conclusion

3D medical imaging brings real added value to the patient and the surgeon in the field of cosmetic surgery. It has become an indispensable tool for removing ambiguities during the preparation of the operation. By reassuring the patient, it facilitates the decision making process.